Payment Apps

We offer our clients the chance to receive payments from China and Vietnam since citizens in those two counties do not use PayPal. Once the payment has been processed in China the funds will be transferred to you whichever way you prefer.  Our clients typically prefer to use Wise and PayPal but you can use whatever remittance service you prefer.

How It Works

All it takes to use this service is to contact us and give basic information about what you want to display and how much money you want to charge your students. Our techs will quickly make the page(s) and give you custom links for you to give your students as well as post anywhere online. Click on the link to see a sample of how it works. Teacher Joe’s 30 minute lesson

Our Merchants

We can help you get your students payment via the most popularly used methods in China and Vietnam. The apps are top of the line and are guaranteed to be successful each and every time your students use them. They already know how to use their preferred payment methods so you have no need to worry about explaining it to them. Simply send your personal link to them and it’s a done deal.

The most popular merchants in China

Some of the 42 banks we are linked to in Vietnam

PayPal is used for most countries but not all


Contact Us to get payment pages made.