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Teacher Introduction

I’ve been an online English teacher for more than 3 years. Originally, I come from Europe. But I have finished my specialization in the UK, and I have acquired my certificate in English by the Cambridge Council. Furthermore, I’ve obtained certifications in TESOL and TEFL.
I’m a bilingual and a certified English teacher, especially for kids. I specialize in English classes specifically for school children between the ages of 4-16 years old.
I know the struggle of learning a language as a kid, I know how hard it is for a kid to keep learning and learning yet don’t understand anything. I feel the pain and feeling incapable of learning.
With my personalized and engaging weekly classes, your child will drastically improve his/her confidence in a friendly environment without the fear of making mistakes, not only this, your child will also have a huge step forward for later in life when speaking English.
I will accompany your child with love and patience, constantly encourage your child, enhance the child’s confidence, and let the child speak English bravely! – without judgment / without feeling scared to make mistakes.

Teaching Methods

Key Strengths

  • Phonics/Decoding
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Conversation Practice
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

🥇Who am I and what can you expect from me?🥇

Sociable: I like to get to know my students and I always start the class with a short chat to get to know each other better.
Patient: I know it is quite difficult to learn English from scratch, so I will always be here to encourage you.
Efficient: I am dedicated to quickly accomplishing your goals.
Practical: I always add exercises to practice and expand your knowledge.
Functional: I will concentrate on the skills and knowledge you need most to achieve your goals.

Class Pricing

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Teacher Dario – Trial Lesson

Teacher Dario – Single Lesson

Teacher Dario – 12 Lessons

Teacher Dario – 16 Lessons

Teacher Dario – 16 Lessons

Payment Terms

  1. For new students, I offer 1 FREE 25 minutes trial class.
  2. Classes must be paid in advance through this website.
  3. Classes can be scheduled by parents through this website.
  4. If you need to cancel class, I ask for 12-hour notice and will give full credit for another class.
  5. If a student is late, after two minutes have passed, I will message the parent.
    I will wait for the student for 15 minutes maximum, after that I will leave. 
    The class will be marked as ” Student Absent”.

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Classin is the program that we’re going to use for our classes.



24/7 Support

Kindly add me on WeChat, in order to be added into the Classin classroom.
You’ll be added to my English learning group!