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About the course

Clinee offers a flexible learning environment and educational programs that help our students achieve their goals. Our school offers the flexibility that modern students need to be combined with a high-quality curriculum that can make your learning process easy and convenient. 

How Clinee works:

Students and teachers will be using a virtual classroom. A virtual classroom is a learning space where both students and teachers can see, hear and interact with students in real-time via the internet. Once the class has been arranged, the students will receive the link to the classroom so there is no need to download any software to conduct the class. 

What are the key characteristics:

  • Teachers and students can see and hear each other (live video/audio streaming)
  • Students can ask questions and the teacher can provide info/links (via the chatbox)
  • Teachers can upload multiple lesson materials into the whiteboard (via an inbuilt lesson library). Screen-share with interactive overlay is also possible
  • Participants engage on the whiteboard at the same time (i.e. practice together – write, draw, watch videos, etc)


Students should have the basic level of understanding of the English language. Our materials are suitable for all levels and every student will have their materials assigned according to their level of knowledge.

What we offer:

The overall goal of this course is to help students expand their medical vocabulary and learn more about health care. Our focus is Medical English spoken in pharmacies and hospitals and an outcome of this goal is that a student who completes this course will be able to attend lectures related to health care in English language and communicate to other proffessionals from the field of medicine and health care.

Class pricing:

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Payment terms

  1.   New students are encouraged to take a trial class before enrolling
  2.   Classes can only be paid and scheduled through this page
  3.   Students can cancel classes twelve hours in advance 
  4.   Purchased classes can be used for all courses interchangeably

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