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Teacher Keelin

I am an experienced and qualified English language teacher. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, a Master’s Degree in Teaching and 24 years of teaching experience.  I maintained a Teaching License in the state of Oregon from 1998 – 2020. I added additional specialties to the license including English Language Arts and English as a Second Language.


Work Experience

I have been teaching English online for four- and one-half years. I have taught over 11,000 classes to students in China. Prior to that I was a public-school teacher in America for 20 years. I specialized in teaching English to students from foreign countries. I have experience working with children from over 30 countries from ages age 4-16.

I addition to teaching, I have experience learning language. I understand the challenges of learning a new language. I speak Italian and Spanish. I have dabbled with other languages as well, such as Russian, Japanese, and Turkish. Although I do not claim to speak these languages, studying them has given me a wide exposure to the workings of language and grammar.

Key Strengths

I am a well-rounded educator. I can help students learn English vocabulary to support math, science and history studies. I am comfortable teaching all levels of English from very beginners to advanced readers and writers.

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