Adel Askari – Enter Price

1.General  English for Kids and Adults :

2.Demo lesson ( 25 Minutes) : (0.5*18)        9 $

3.Single lesson ( 25 Minutes) : (1*18)   :    18 $ 

4.25 Lessons package price (25*17$) :     425 $

5.50 lessons package  price (50*15$) :     750$

6.100 lessons package price (100*14$):  1400$

Exam preparations for Kids and Adults :


7.Exam DEMO session (25 Minutes) :(0.5*18)     12.5 $

8.Exam Single lesson (25 Minutes) : (1*25)   :      25 $ 

9.Exam 25 Lessons package price (25*24$) :      600$

10.Exam 50 lessons package  price (50*22$) :    1100$

11.Exam 100 lessons package price (100*21$):   2100$


This is Adel from Canada, I hold a Masters’s degree in Linguistics and NLP. I am the author of several books and online courses.

I’ve been a teacher of English for  about 13 years and have taught more than 10000 students online in companies like KKtalkee, iTutor(Tutor ABC), VIP KIDS, Magic Ears, Whales

Currently, I am teaching testing and linguistics, and Exam preparation for university students.

I also have CELTA, and TESOL teaching certificates.

I have a naturally clear north American accent. (Listen to me online here:

For my classes, I use VIDEO content which is carefully designed to teach English along with Video books. This Video will be along with explanations of every second of them regarding grammar and word usage and will have Spoken drills which are great for fluency and accuracy in speaking and writing.

Other books: Interchange -Passages, Speak out, Onscreen, Inside readings, Word skills, In use Series, American File, Reach Higher, Oxford Reading Tree, Wonder Skills, Big English, and Wonders.

I do the classes via Classin and Zoom.

Lesson cancelation rights:

To cancel the class please contact me at least 12 hours before lesson time (1 day before would be great )

For every 10 sessions, you have 1 lesson emergency cancellation right, which means you can cancel 5 minutes before the lesson time and you won’t be charged for the session.

Referring discount :

If you introduce us to your friends for each sign-up for 25 packages you will earn 1 free lesson. For example, if you refer to 1 person and buy 100 Lessons packages you will receive 4 free lessons.

Contact me via:

WeChat (WeChat ID: AdelAskariM, or QR code:, website: )