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Teacher Anna… 📌creates a unique atmosphere for every student 📎helps shy students speak more 💪supports students to achieve their goals ⭐is always focused on helping students.

🥇TEFL, TEYL, TESOL certified 🥇 👩‍🎓 Bachelor’s in economics 👩‍🏫 private tutor for 7 years. 👩‍🦰 teaching kids and adults online for 6 years 🏆Fluent in English and German 💬 Conversational English 💬 *Pronunciation correction ✔ *Conversations about topics that interest you ✔ *Sports and hobbies ✔ 🧒 English for Kids 🤩 *learn with fun🌟 *play games🎮 *read stories with me 👩‍🏫 *expand vocabulary📚 *use complete sentences😊 🏆 Intermediate English 🏆 📌advanced grammar rules 📌Pronunciation correction 📌Verb tenses (past, present, future) 📌Plenty of practice opportunities for speaking 🌍 English for traveling: Airport check-in and transfer/ hotel check-in and out/ ordering at the restaurant/ shopping/ asking for direction/ currency exchange/ emergency. 📌Courses customized to your needs 📚