Angie – 50 Individual Classes


50 individual classes 25 minutes for $400 = $8 per class.

Please read below for more details.


Hello everybody. My name’s Angie, and I have been an ESL teacher for 7 years now. Besides graduating from English Language and Literature, I have a Master’s degree in English, and I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. diploma. In addition to that, I have passed various ESL seminars and training, so I am a holder of TESOL, TEFL, and CELTA certificates. Teaching is my passion; I absolutely adore sharing knowledge and witnessing my students’ improvement and the growth of self-confidence. I also love challenges and trying new methods and teaching techniques since I am always open to new perspectives. I see teaching as a way to improve myself as a person as well as to facilitate other people’s learning process and make it enjoyable.

I can teach different levels of English, but also English for specific purposes (Science, Medicine, Legal, IT) as well as literature. In addition to that, I can improve your writing and self-expression in both formal and informal circumstances. I can use different textbooks and materials that are adequate for every student’s individual needs. Hope to see you in my classroom.

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