Speakout – Single Class 30 Min

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Recommendations for classes.推荐课程。
● Kids 4 to 7 years old. 4-7岁的儿童
👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫We recommend two classes of 30 min on different days. 我们推
🤔 Why? Kids have a shorter attention span.

🤔 为什么?儿童的注意力持续
‼️ Two sessions will allow students to interact more frequently without
feeling overwhelmed. 两节课可以与学生更多交流,而不会感到不自在。
📗📘📙 Recommended textbooks: Our World 1-4 Reach Higher
1A-1B.推荐教材:Our World 1-4, Reach Higher 1A-1B.
👉 The demonstration class is 25 min. We will use this time to
fully evaluate the student’s level and skills. According to the
result, we will recommend different curriculum options. Each age
group will get different recommendations; however, changes can
always be made. 试听课为25分钟。我们将利用试听课全面评估学生的水

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