Sarah Sharpe – 20 Classes


This purchase is for 20 classes, if you want to purchase more classes at a discount price please see the links below.

Please read the “Description” below for more information.


Hello! Thanks for considering my classes. My name is Sarah Sharpe and I’m from Canada.
I have two university degrees one in Education and the other in Psychology. I’ve been teaching English for the past 5 years.
I teach both adults and children.
I have many regulars from my previous company as I’ve taught over 12800 virtual classes. I have a 5/5 rating and many happy students, which of whom I will continue to teach.
I’m passionate about my student’s success and this can be seen throughout my lessons. In class, we not only learn but we build relationships. I specialize in correcting pronunciation and I’m very strict with this but in a loving and kind environment. I accommodate my lessons for each individual student. I understand that each person learns differently and has varying strengths and weaknesses.
I working with different curriculums such as Cambridge, Journey, Oxford, Reach Higher, and many others. I formulate my own lessons as well as incorporating lessons from other relevant sources.
I look forward to meeting you!

Please visit my website for more details.

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