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Overview Presentation

Hi, Teacher Rose and Teacher Erick Here! Welcome to our school! We are lucky to do what we love for a  living. We both have more than 20 years of experience combined working with Kids, Teenagers, and Adults. After obtaining our Bachelor’s Degree, we have worked in South America and Asia learning from different cultures and improving our teaching skills. Thanks to the internet, we can be where you are, learning and growing together. We can’t wait to see you in the classroom.

嗨,我们是Rose老师和Erick老师! 欢迎来到本学校! 我们很幸运能够从事自己喜欢的事业。我们两个人均有20多年的儿童、青少年和成人教育工作经验。在获得学士学位后,我们陆续在南美和亚洲工作,学习各地区的不同文化,提高自身教学水平。感谢互联网,让我们可以与大家相遇,一起学习、成长。很期待与大家在课堂上见面。 

Teaching Methods

We understand that teaching through a computer is different from teaching in a classroom. Still, this is not a limitation. Each class is filled with energy and positive vibes. We do our best to create a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our main priority is our students, and our goal is to allow each student, at any age, to feel heard and valued. We adapt each book to the online classroom. We will create unique, colorful, and interacting presentations, with easy-to-use instructions.


Our teaching methods varied depending on age. We understand our students grow, and we grow and adapt to them. 我们的教学方法因年龄而异。我们明白学生在不断进步,我们也将不断成长以适应各位学生。

a.  Kids ages between 4-7 years old  4-7岁的儿童

  1. Image recognition 🖼️   识图🖼️
  2. Categorize vocabulary 📸   分类词汇表📸
  3. Vowel and consonant blending 📘   元音与辅音混合  📘
  4. Letters recognition 👀  认识字母👀
  5. Chanting and Singing 🎤  唱歌🎤 
  6. Basic sentence creation ✍🏽  基本的造句✍🏽

b.  Kids ages between 8-12 years old  8-12岁的儿童

  1. Basic word recognition ✍🏿  认识基本的单词 ✍🏿
  2. Reading speed and accuracy 📘  阅读速度与准确性 📘
  3. Increase vocabulary and sentences’ complexity 🗣️💬  提高单词和句子复杂性 🗣️💬
  4. Improve confidence in speaking skills 💡  提高说英语的自信 💡

c.  Teenagers ages between 13-18 years old  13-18岁的青少年

  1. Introduction of more complex topics ❓  引入更复杂的话题 ❓
  2. Improve writing and speech production 📓  提高写作和讲英语的能力 📓
  3. Increase grammar complexity ✍🏽  提高语法复杂性  ✍🏽
  4. Improve speech speed and naturality 🙋 🙋‍♀️  提升语速和自然度 🙋 🙋‍♀️

d.  Adults ages from +18   超过18岁的成人

  1. Content adaptation 📖 内容适应 📖
  2. Business English focused 👩‍💼👩‍💼  以商务英语为重点 👩‍💼👩‍💼
  3. Job Interviews 🗣️  工作面试 🗣️
  4. Advanced Writing Papers ✍️ 高级论文写作  ✍️
  5. Culture adaptation 🗺️ 文化适应 🗺️

Curriculum 课程

Our World by NatGeo: Kids from 4 to 12 years old 国家地理杂志的 Our World:4-12岁的儿童

Our World is a balanced four-skills series with age-appropriate National Geographic content that motivates and excites young learners of English and helps them use English as a tool to learn about and interact with the world.

Our World 综合的四项能力系列图书,包含与年龄相符的国家地理杂志内容,可有效激励和激发年轻的英语学生,帮助他们将英语作为了解世界和与世界互动的工具。 

Perfect for the content-rich classroom, Our World has everything students need for a balanced, four-skills curriculum, key grammar instruction, and important 21st-century skills practice and cross-curricular exposure.

Our World完美匹配丰富多彩的课堂,提供给学生所需的综合四项能力课程、重点语法教学、21世纪所需的重要能力练习和多课程内容。 


Reach Higher by NatGeo: Kids from 8 to 14 years old Reach Higher by NatGeo:8-14岁的儿童

Reach Higher guides students to learn English, learn about the world, and learn about themselves through authentic content with a global perspective. Primary students develop the academic language skills and content knowledge they need to get an education in English.

Reach Higher引导学生通过权威内容以全球视角学习英语、了解世界、认识自我。 让小学生们学习英语教育所需的学术语言能力和内容知识。 

The program uses National Geographic science and social studies content and authentic literature to build content knowledge and develop English literacy through inquiry-based learning. Students work with the content to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills needed to succeed in their academic studies.


Reach Higher provides students with the skills and strategies to understand stories and literature and to work with more complex texts that include facts and background knowledge in the subject areas of science and social studies.

Reach Higher为学生提供理解故事和文学、处理更复杂文本的技巧和策略,包括科学和社会研究等领域的事实和背景知识。 

Reach Higher teaches the language students need – vocabulary, phonics, reading, writing, and conversations – to work with authentic academic content in English.

Reach Higher为学生带来英语学习所需的权威学术内容 词汇、语音、阅读、写作和对话。 


Think by Cambridge: Teenagers +12 Think by Cambridge:12岁以上的青少年

Whether inside or outside the classroom, THiNK goes beyond building strong language skills to developing the whole learner–with an emphasis on critical thinking, positive values, and healthy self-esteem–ensuring academic and lifelong success.

无论在课堂内或课堂外,THiNK不仅能够帮助学生掌握全人教育所需的强大语言能力 – 强调批判性思维、正向价值观和健康的自尊心 – 以确保学业和终身成功。 

Key Features:


  • Challenge and inspire your teenage learners with thought-provoking topics.


  • Guided writing and speaking activities build confident productive skills.


  • Graded Workbook activities and extra ideas in the Teacher’s Book are ideal for mixed-ability classes.


  • Flexible digital support includes Presentation Plus classroom presentation software, online workbooks, and interactive ebooks.

灵活的数字化工具,包括Presentation Plus课堂演示软件、在线习题集和交互式电子书。 

  • THiNK Exams lessons and assessment-style activities prepare students for Cambridge English Key, Preliminary, First, and Advanced.

THiNK Exams 课程和评估活动能够帮助学生应对剑桥英语入门、初级、第一级和高级考试。


Class Pricing 课程价格

We have different plans according to your needs and situation.



Cancellation Rules. ❌ 取消规则。❌

Rules for cancellations. ✅


As parents and people, we understand that sometimes we have emergencies, So the cancellation rules are the following:


  1. Classes can be canceled as close as 6 hours before the time of the class. ⏰

可在课程开始前6小时取消。 ⏰

  1. Classes canceled under this limit can be rescheduled without cost. This will be considered a fault without penalty. 👍


  1. After two cancellations under the six-hour frame, the class will be counted as a class seen, charging the full price. 💰


  1. If the teacher is unable to attend the class or the teacher forgets canceling or rescheduling on time, the class will be rescheduled and it will be completely FREE. No charge whatsoever. 😮


  1. Only two faults free-of-charge will be allowed every three months. ☝️


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