Teacher Brandy – Basic 27-Minute Class


Choose for (1) 27-minute class.


The Basic Class includes (1) 27 minute class with me, Teacher Brandy.  You may choose lessons that are based on the Wonders curriculum, a basic review and practice of VIPKID AI classes, or a conversational class.

The Wonders-based class includes practice in pronunciation, phonics, grammar, reading, math, speaking, and vocabulary.  There are books included in the PPT to help your child read fluently as well as talk about what he or she is reading. 

The VIPKID review classes are mostly conversational with pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, phonics, and math help.  These lessons do not include exact slides from VIPKID, but do help your child practice discussing what he or she has been learning in the VIPKID AI classroom.

I also offer conversational classes in which students practice having conversations with me about different topics that are interesting, engaging, and on which the student has knowledge.  This type of class would help students have better conversational grammar, word choice, and pronunciation.

When you schedule a class with me, send me a message about the type of class you want.

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